A Handbook of the Boer War, Anonymous

A Handbook of the Boer War, Anonymous

This is an interesting example of a genre reasonably popular during the nineteenth century - the anonymous military memoir. The author of this book served in South Africa for twenty six months during the Boer War, and so was an eye witness to many of the events he describes. In addition the War Office history of the war and the huge Times history of the war had also appeared by 1910, and the anonymous author makes constant reference to those works.

This book provides a valuable insight into the attitudes of the British in South Africa during the Boer War. It is also a reasonably accurate account of the war, although inevitably seen very much from the British point of view. Our unknown author was perfectly will to criticise the senior British officers in South Africa, and gives his own views on why the Boer commandos were able to hold out for so long. A very valuable work, and one that well deserves its recent reprint.

Author: Anonymous
Edition: Paperback
Pages: 296
Publisher: Gale and Ponden (1910 edition)
Year: 1910 (republished 2005)

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